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Funding Update: Scheduling appointments for the 2013-2014 Funding Year. See below…

Thurston County:  Through the end of September 2014, we will be accepting appointments for Puget Sound Energy NATURAL GAS customers ONLY.   Appointments will be made by PHONE ONLY.

Lewis County:  Appointments are available for Puget Sound Energy customers with Natural Gas only.  Appointments will be made by PHONE ONLY.  No appointments will be made through the internet or in person.  Private fuel fund assistance may also be available.

Mason County: FULL - Mason County currently has no regular appointments.  Private fuel fund assistance appointments are made on Mondays at 7am by phone.


UPDATE on 2014-2015 Funding Season:

Thurston and Lewis County will be opening for appointments on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.  Phone lines will open at 7:00 am and the Internet will be open at 9:00 am.

Mason County will open for appointments on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  Phone lines will open at 7:00 am and the Internet will open at 9:00 am.

For safety and security, we do not take walk-ins during the opening days to schedule appointments.  All staff are answering phones to schedule clients. 

Please remember there is an extraordinarily large volume of people calling in during these scheduling days.  The phone lines are consistently in use during this process.  It is imperative that you be patient and persistent when calling in.  The calls are processed in the order they are received to the best of our systems capabilities.  When you are put on HOLD, please do not hang up or you will lose your spot in line to speak with a representative.  It is not uncommon to experience HOLD times of 15-20 minutes, sometimes longer.

Due to the large volume of clients accessing our website at once on scheduling days, the webpage may be slowed or need to be reset. If you reach an error or are kicked out of the site, please continue to attempt the scheduling process. You MUST receive a red confirmation number or you DO NOT have an appointment through our online scheduler. You can also call the county office in which you live to schedule. The phone lines are also extremely busy in all offices. Please be patient as your call is being answered as quickly as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  During the first round of the 2013 energy assistance appointment scheduling, CAC received numerous complaints that our phone lines were not working.  People stated that they were receiving a message stating, “the call could not be completed as dialed, please check your number and try again” or that “the line was disconnected”.  THIS WAS NOT THE CASE; THE PHONE LINES WERE WORKING PROPERLY ALL DAY LONG.  This is primarily based on the overload volume of calls that we are receiving.  We are not sure if this was isolated to one cell phone provider or not, but tests from a land line phone and a different cell service provider connected to our phone lines.

If you experience this type of problem in the future, callers should try any or all of the following:

  • using a land- line phone
  • contact your cell phone service provider
  • book an appointment online


Fuel Funds

Fuel funds are funds donated by customers of local utilities to help people in need pay their utility bill and avoid disconnection. To qualify for assistance, your household must be in the service area of the specific utility, meet the corresponding income guidelines and energy service connection requirements . Other factors may apply to determine eligibility. Funds are limited to availability and individual utility restrictions. Refer to the table below for fuel funds administered by the Community Action Council.

Fuel Fund Utility   County
Project Share Lewis County PUD #1   Lewis
Project Share Mason County PUD #3   Mason
Winter Help Fund Cascade Natural Gas   Mason
Canal Comfort Fund Mason County PUD #1   Mason
WEAF (Washington Energy Assistance Fund) Cascade Natural Gas   Mason

Thurston County residents who are customers of Puget Sound Energy should contact the Olympia Salvation Army at (360) 352-8596, to apply for help from the PSE Warm Home Fund.

How are Energy Assistance benefit amounts determined?

Assistance amounts are determined by household size, income, heat source and the previous year’s energy usage and are based on availability of funds.

How do I receive Energy Assistance services?

The program usually begins in the Fall and continues until all funds are committed. Contact us for further information. We will ask pre-qualifying questions to determine if you appear eligible. You will be asked to provide required documentation to establish eligibility at the time of your appointment.

How do I make my Energy Assistance appointment?

Due to the high volume of people in need trying to access these services, it is imperative to process all applicants fairly and equally. Our policy is to make appointments over the phone or through our web site scheduler. Please remember appointments are made on a first come, first served basis. To be fair to all applying, we do not accept requests for appointments by email, voicemail, or fax. Please show patience (as well as persistence) when calling to schedule. Our phone lines become extremely busy when we first start scheduling appointments. We strongly encourage people not to give up calling if they get a busy signal. Eventually, you can get through. To schedule an appointment online, click here or please see the link at the top of this page. Or you may call our office in your county.

  • What do I need to bring to my Energy Assistance appointment?
    • Social security cards for everyone in the home 18 years or older
    • Photo identification
    • Address verification
    • Verification of all sources of income/monies received by every household member for the three previous months to the month of your appointment (for example: appointment date in July, please bring in April, May, June verification)
    • A current heat bill or proof of your heat source.  (If your heat source is propane/oil/pellets/firewood and you do not have a vendor who provides you with a bill, go to Forms, under Energy, use the Heat Source Statement for proof of heat source)

Anyone with zero ‘0’ income and who is 18 or older is required to complete paperwork explaining how he/she paid for food, shelter and heat at the time of the appointment.  If you are a student, your Financial Aid award letter is required.

For low-cost or no-cost energy conservation tips, please click here.

 Do we get enough funding to serve everyone in need?


Who is eligible?

See below if your household may be income eligible for heating assistance through the LIHEAP program.

See below if your household may be income eligible for assistance through the PSE HELP program.